IRON COUNTY — Half way into the second week of the Kelly Cochran murder trial, the day began with the testimony of two forensic analysts, one who examined the ballistic wound in the skull that was identified as Christopher Regan’s.

Another witness was an supervising officer at the Graves County Jail in Kentucky, where Kelly was initially found and arrested. Through a Skype interview, the witness testified on an incident where they had found a shank made from the suspects eye glasses in her cell.

Finishing out the day was the testimony of Detective Jeremy Ogden of the Hobart Police Department in Indiana.

The detective reached out to Kelly after receiving the news of Jason Cochran’s death.

Powell asked the Detective Ogden, “Did she ask you something regarding whether you believed Jason killed Chris?”

Ogden replied, “Yes.”

“And what was your response to that?” Powell continued.

“I told her during that interview that I thought something happened, maybe spur of the moment,” the detective said.

Powell responded, “And is that truly what you believed?”

Ogden replied, “No.”

Ogden testified that if Cochran had feared for her life during the killing of Chris Regan – then she would have told him the whole story after Jason’s death.

Powell asked Detective Ogden whether he ever discussed Kelly having an ‘out’, to which he replied, “Well, you know, during that conversation, I told her that she could decide to be a witness or a suspect. And at that given moment, she could have said, ‘let me tell you right now what happened.’

The trial is running ahead of schedule, as five prosecuting witnesses were cut from the original list. Testimonies will continue tomorrow in day nine of the People vs. Kelly Cochran.