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ISHPEMING — A group of about 15 volunteers traveled all the way from Indianapolis to help Partridge Creek Farms expand their non-profit, community farm. 

Laura Muse, one volunteer organizer from Orchard Park Presbyterian Church in Indiana, said, “We are screwing together all of the boards to make the frames. We are shoveling dirt and putting them inside of the beds. And before we put the dirt inside, they want to make sure the weeds don’t come through, so we’re stapling barriers on the bottom of them.”

Partridge Creek not only works to educate on how to build a sustainable food system, but to also build a healthy community. The Indiana church group felt that the cause was a perfect fit for their high school mission trip.

“We really try to make sure the sites that we choose are helping either someone specifically, or a huge group of people. And we felt like a site that is working and volunteering to make raised beds to help a community with food is an awesome mission. So we wanted to be a part of it,” Muse added.

Though donating their time was rewarding, some students got a little more out of the experience.

Emily Klingstein, a student volunteer, shared, “I think it’s something everyone should know, and realize how important it is – because, it’s not just taking time out of your day to go make some beds. But it’s the effect that that has on the entire community. These beds aren’t just for looks for a couple people. It is food, it is a source of nutrition for these people.”

Because of these helpful hands, Partridge Creek has been able to maintain the farms for the past four years.

Ray Bush, Partridge Creek Farm Manager, told Local 3, “Without our volunteers, we wouldn’t be able to do this. We’ve built two other sites like this since Spring. And without the volunteers, they would not exist.”