Innovative Physical Therapy: Helping people with balance and dizziness


MARQUETTE, Mich. (WJMN) – Jeanette Tousignant helps patients at Active Physical Therapy with balance and dizziness issues.

“Specifically vestibular disorders,” said Tousignant. “Also folks who are just plain old trouble walking around and maybe need some assistance to figure out how to not fall down.”

Tousignant says vestibular disorders come from issues in the middle ear, brain stem and brain and their communication with each other. She goes through a process of steps to help her patients.

“First of all, nice thorough assessment to make sure we figure out what part of the balance system is there a limitation,” said Tousignant. “So if they do have a limitation in the balance organ or in its more central structures, we can figure that out as close as we can to not necessarily where the structure is, but what the inefficiency is. So we want to figure out what there balance system isn’t doing correctly and go from there to see what we can do to correct it and work at its optimum so that they don’t fall down.”

Tousignant showed me a couple of innovative therapies she uses on her patients. One of them being the video frenzel goggles.

“That gives us an opportunity to look at what vision reflexes are doing,” said Tousignant. “This kind of stuff helps us figure out in the darkness when the reflexes will present themselves more so than in room light. You can’t dumb down your own reflexes, the ring will learn how to stop dizziness and vertigo. This doesn’t let you. So it really lets us truly see and kind of help figure out what part of the balance organ might be causing some of that spinning type vertigo that some people have.”

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