Iron Co. Prosecutor statement after Kelly Cochran admits to husband’s death

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The following statement was released this afternoon by Melissa A. Powell, Iron County Prosecuting Attorney, in regard to the guilty plea entered today by Kelly Cochran in the death of her husband, Jason Cochran:

I’m pleased to see a conviction in the Indiana murder of Jason Cochran.  Some may believe he is not worthy of empathy due to his role in the death of Chris Regan, but keep in mind he has a mother, father, brother and other family members who suffered greatly after his death and the ensuing, horrific, revelations that came with the investigation and prosecution of Kelly Cochran.  I’m  grateful for the cooperation and assistance Iron County received from Lake County, Indiana law enforcement and in particular the Hobart Police Department, Det. Jeremy Ogden, and Assistant District Attorney Nadia Wardrip both during the investigation and while our case was ongoing. 

I also want to specifically state that former Iron River Police Chief Laura Frizzo and Det. Ogden did an outstanding piece of investigative work to secure the conviction of Kelly Cochran in both Michigan and Indiana.  No law enforcement officer is an island in any investigation and our thanks goes out to the many, many law enforcement agencies that were involved in the investigation into Chris Regan and Jason Cochran’s murders.  It should be noted that Ogden and Frizzo logged countless hours on this case above and beyond what is expected in a typical investigation and,but for their dogged determination and  dedication to seeing justice achieved for the families involved,  Kelly Cochran might still be walking the streets.   

Other entities involved that deserve mention in no particular order:  Iron River Police Department, Caspian-Gaastra Public Safety, Iron County Sheriff’s Office, Michigan State Police, Federal Bureau of Investigation, iron County Medical Examiner, Hobart, Indiana Police Department,  Lake County Coroner’s Office, various laboratories that processed evidence on the state and national level,  the US Marshall Service, the Kentucky State Police, the Graves County Kentucky Jail, Michigan Back Country Search and Rescue, Escanaba Public Safety, Michigan Department of Natural Resources, Lake County Indiana law enforcement agencies, and many other agencies and individuals. 

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