It’s strawberry picking season, a look inside Gladstone Berry Farm


GLADSTONE– Gladstone Berry Farm is covered with six acres of strawberries for people to pick this season.

“It seems like a lot of people are bringing their kids out and they’re having a good time enjoying it with their kids they spend the afternoon picking and they just have a good time,” said Mike Grzybowski, Co-owner, Gladstone Berry Farm.

Mike and his wife started the business four years ago.

“We were doing it as a hobby and now we moved here to the U.P. to start this berry farm back up,” said Grzybowski.

Berry season runs for about three weeks. They’re in week two so there’s about one week left to pick the berries.

“We start in the spring by planting the berries and then we take care of them for a full year before we see a harvest and then the following year we pick off them,” said Grzybowski. “Then we usually keep them in the ground in that spot for a couple of years and then we rotate back in to make sure the plants are nice and healthy for everybody.”

The Provost family came from Marquette to pick some berries.

“We came out here today to pick berries because it was my grandpa’s birthday yesterday so we’re making a pie for him today or tomorrow,” said Joey Provost who was there with his sister, Haley. “It’s fun. This is my first time picking and it’s her first time picking. She ate most of the berries when we picked and it was a really fun day today.”

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