Jim Reevs retires after 27 years with ‘The Mining Journal’


MARQUETTE — Jim Reevs has been apart of the Upper Peninsula community for almost 30-years. Today, he said good-bye to a job that, originally, he wasn’t interested in.

Jim Reevs, Publisher & General Manager, The Mining Journal: “Well, I was kind of backed into it a little bit because I was actually a paramedic to begin with and went to school for that and then, at the place I was at we couldn’t advance as far as I wanted to as a paramedic field, so there was an opening at the newspaper. I was familiar with some of the people that worked there.”

Jim spent 42 years in the newspaper business. 27 of those years we’re with The Mining Journal, and in those four decades of working in the industry, Jim saw a lot of changes.

“More change really in the last 3-4 years due to social media and the impact that’s had on newspapers then, probably the other 30-some-years put together. Some good change, some bad change, I mean in one respect readership is down a little bit with newspapers as far as on the print side of it, but the actual unique visitors that come to our website are going through the roof,” said Reevs.

This evening, family and friends came out to show their support for Jim as he steps into retirement, but he let everyone know, he isn’t going anywhere.

“Well, I’m still going to be involved in things. I serve on the Shiras board, I’m on the Rotary West Foundation board, and I’m still gonna try to be involved with Salvation Army and St. Vincent De Paul and some of those charitable organizations with that. United Way, I started a media consortium years ago and I’m still going to work with the media consortium as far as that goes. So, there will be plenty of that activity and just involved with different activities in the community that I used to volunteer for and I’ll continue to volunteer with them,” said Reevs.

From all of us here at Local 3 News, we thank you for your years of service and congratulations on your retirement.

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