‘Just Believe’ foundation delivers message to students on fighting skin cancer


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MARQUETTE COUNTY — Delight Hill is completely comfortable in a classroom.  She is a retired school teacher. But the lesson she teaches today is a life lesson – about preventing skin cancer.

 “We’re trying to get it out, because it was my daughter’s wish,” Hill said. “The message about use of sun screen and protecting your skin.”

Her presentations are part of “Just Believe,” a non profit foundation established in loving memory of Delight’s daughter, Jodi Ball,  who ended her almost two year battle with Melanoma on February 10, 2013. 

“We do it in a fun way, we have a video that we use,” Hill added. “They get to make ultraviolet detecting bead bracelets and they really enjoy seeing them turn color, the beads in it, yes. I think they do.”

And, the message is hitting the target.

“You should wear sun screen so you don’t get sun burn,” said Lydia Pietila, a 3rd grade student. 

Keira Heino, another 3rd grader, also said, “I learned that you should wear sun screen in any season. Because in the winter any rays can go on you.”

Milton Soderberg, M.D. Dermatologist at Forefront Dermatology, explained, “The ultraviolet, it penetrates our skin cells, and disrupts our DNA.”

It’s a year-round battle to protect your skin from the sun.

“The sun spectrum that injures our skin, is the ultraviolet A and B,” Dr. Soderberg added.

And we get most of that when the sun is directly overhead. 

Dr. Soderberg also said, “In the early morning and late afternoon, the atmospheric particles scatter that.”

The Just Believe Foundation has established sunscreen stations along the Iron Ore Heritage trail and encourages sun safety 365 days a year.  

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