K.I. Sawyer project: dorm to hotel

No decisions were made Thursday night on turning old Air Force base dormitories into a hotel at Sawyer.

The Forsyth Township Planning Commission reviewed a site plan Thursday evening to turn these buildings into a 56 room hotel at the former K.I. Sawyer Air Force base. The board supports the idea of the improvement plan, but says it doesn’t have enough information yet about the project. The buildings have been sitting idle since the base closed in 1995.

Leading the project is Telkite Enterprises LLC, which owns the property.

“A franchise hotel at Sawyer will be a much needed amenity,” said Vikki Kulju, with Telkite Enterprises. “And, I think in this particular case it will also help by taking a building that is currently functionally obsolete and negatively impacting the perception of the community and renovate it into something new and positive.”

The proposal calls for just one structure to be renovated first, and if there’s enough demand for additional units, the second dorm also be revitalized. If approved, construction could begin this year on one of the buildings.

No cost estimates were projected, but Telkite officials say negotiations are continuing with an undisclosed hotel franchise.

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