How to keep your pets warm in the winter


MARQUETTE, Mich. (WJMN) — Winter is eight months of the year here in the U.P. and animals need to go outside and stay active.

There are many resources for you to protect your animals from the cold, whether its a house-trained or barn-living animal, they also need to be protected from the cold.

Depending on your animal’s normal activity, changes to their daily routine shouldn’t change drastically.

One local expert says that if you can’t handle the cold weather, neither can they.

Julie Vezzetti, Associate Veterinary, Animal Medical Center said, “I just think to myself ‘if I’m cold, I have to think about my animal being cold,’ and even though they are tougher then us, they can still experience things like hypothermia, they can still experience like frostbite, so just being aware of how your pet is acting and if you’re getting cold outside then you can presume your pet is getting cold outside and just making sure they aren’t exhibiting any signs of not being able to handle it, so shaking it, if they are picking up their paws, if they are just really squinting your eyes and seem lethargic, those are indications that they are not exactly enjoying the outdoors at that moment and you should bring them into a warmer space.”

Doctor Vezzetti recommends walking your animals at their own pace.
She also recommends they wear booties for their paws and sweaters to keep their bodies from getting wet.

When you arrive back home, check and see if they have ice or snow stuck in their paws, if so, use warm water to clean the area.

Also, make sure to keep their water source warm, so their water bowl doesn’t freeze and they will stay hydrated.

Make sure your animals are well-fed, especially outdoor cats, which will keep them warm during these cold months.

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