Keeping young talent in the Upper Peninsula

Andrea Pernstiener believes that the best place to own a business is in the U.P.

Pernsteiner, co-founder of the Ore Dock Brewing Company, said, “There’s no doubt in my mind that this is our home and we wanna stay here for a very long time. Putting down roots here was very important to us.”

Andrea was on a panel of young professionals that spoke at today’s Upper Peninsula Economic Development Alliance conference, where she shared the secret to her success.

Pernsteiner said, “When they know that it’s local individuals that started the business, local individuals working at that business, it becomes very important to everyone to support that business, and I think we’ve seen that.”

Josh Macdonald, financial advisor, said, “In a smaller knit community you know people. You know what you can rely on, so it does offer that level of comfort.”

But the U.P. has many qualities that are appealing to young professionals.

Macdonald said, “I think it is the recreation aspect of things. I think it is the friendship and the family, and not just your family, but the family that you build as you get to know these people.”

Keeping young talent in the Upper Peninsula will be the key to economic success in the future.

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