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MARQUETTE — The International Food Festival is back for it’s 34th year, hosted by the Marquette County Exchange Club. The festival is held each year for 3 days leading up to the Fourth of July fireworks at Mattson Lower Harbor in Marquette.

Local restaurants and food trucks pack up and head to Lower Harbor to cook fresh food and some with special menu items, exclusive for Food Fest. There’s also live music, beer and wine, icecream and, this year, free games and activities for kids sponsored by the Marquette Meijer.

Elsa and Lane, two young Food Fest attendees, told Local 3 about their day, saying, “We got icecream and we went on the bouncy houses, we got lemonade.”

When asked how much fun they had at Food Fest, they said “100% fun!”

All proceeds from the event go to more than 75 charities in Marquette County. Meaning all profits stay in the local area.

Geno Angeli, Co-Chair, Marquette Exchange Club’s International Food Festival, says, “Come on down! We’ve got 11 vendors, there’s all kinds of great food to eat. We have a fantastic bar tent going, there’s all kinds of great drinks. We have free blow up entertainment for the kids to slide on. There’s prizes, there’s contests. This is the place to be for the next three days.”

The Food Fest will continue through July 4th at Mattson Lower Harbor from noon until 10 p.m.