Kraft Hockeyville ’19: Community support


CALUMET, Mich. (WJMN) — Hard work really does pay off and the community of Calumet knows all about it.

“Congratulations to the 2019 Kraft Hockeyville USA Champion…Calumet, Michigan,” said Gary Bettman, NHL Commissioner.

After months of voting, the Copper Country is hosting an NHL preseason game at the end of the month.

John Carroll, Spokesmen, Calumet Colosseum said, “When Gary Bettman announced it that afternoon, I think everyone was just in shock that we won, for us to beat out those other three rinks, we’re very happy that we were able to do that and we’re very appreciative to everyone who voted for the colosseum.”

The voting process was grueling, yet the support for the Calumet Colosseum came from all over.

“Well, the voting was nothing short of incredible. This is a very small community and if it were just up to us there’s no way we could’ve won this thing, but because of the support of everyone in the Copper Country, in the Upper Peninsula, and really support all around the state and around the world, we were able to beat out those other three rinks, and we’re very grateful that voted for us and helped out,” said Carroll.

After winning Hockeyville USA, the Calumet community wondered, what NHL teams will be coming up to the Copper Country?

Carrol said, “When we first won, we were very excited about that and we had to find out what two teams were going to play here and during that time you kind of playing in your head, and when your talking to people well your wondering what two teams would we like to see and everyone was saying ‘well, the Red Wings and the Blackhawks, that would be the ultimate,” and when it was announced that it was the Red Wings and the Blues, we thought that was a really good match up and then the Blues went on to win the Stanley Cup.”

Stop by the Colosseum from Noon until 4pm tomorrow to register for your tickets. Only 20 days until puck drop.

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