Kraft Hockeyville ’19: Progress is being made to the Colosseum


CALUMET — Exactly one month to go until Kraft Hockeyville and progress is being made to the Calumet Colosseum as they set to play host to the Detroit Red Wings and the Stanley Cup Champion St. Louis Blues.

John Carroll, Spokesmen, Calumet Colosseum said, “Well there are a lot of improvements we are looking at for the building. First and foremost was a new ice plant and with that money we won, we were able to get that taken care of, so that’s probably the most exciting thing for us.”

John believes the community will also benefit from an addition that will keep fans in their seats.

“But what fans and visitors will notice most of all are the new heaters in the building. We are very excited about that and fans are going to be able to enjoy the games more comfortably now, so that’s one of the nice things about winning this. It enabled us to get those new heaters. We’re also looking at a few other improvements too, sound system, locker rooms, flooring, things that the players may notice as well,” said Carroll.

With all these moving parts, the Colosseum’s transition into an NHL caliber arena is going as planned.

“The renovations are going very well. The new ice plant is in, it’s completed and it was ahead of schedule, so we’re very excited about that,” said Carroll. “Other renovations are taking place right now and everything is progressing as it should or ahead of schedule, so the contractors who have come in have just been fantastic.”

As Kraft Hockeyville closes in, we at Local 3 will have continuous coverage on the progress of the Calumet Colosseum and the preparation for the events to come.

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