Lack of substitute teachers in local districts


ISHPEMING, Mich. (WJMN) — Around the State of Michigan, substitute teachers are hard to come by and local districts are doing everything they can to make the position more appealing.

The lack of substitute teachers has an impact on students.

Ishpeming Public Schools Superintendent Carrier Meyer says they have trouble with finding substitute teachers weekly.

“There’s probably, each day of every week, we have absences that are not covered with substitute teachers. It makes it a bit difficult trying to cover students during those times, making sure their education still happens. We have a great number of teachers that end up giving up their prep time just to make sure that the students are being taught during those times when there’s other teachers out,” said Carrie Meyer, Superintendent, Ishpeming Public Schools.

According to Meyer, the State of Michigan has changed the requirements in order for someone to become a substitute teacher.

Before, subs needed 90 credit hours of college in order to get a substitute teaching permit. Now, they only need 60 credit hours.

Anyone who is interested in substitute teaching for the Ishpeming Public Schools can register with a company called, WillSub.

Superintendent Meyer said, “Once they’re registered with WillSub, we have an automatic call that goes out to them when a teacher requests a day off and their able to pick up the days or would like to cover, so as a substitute teacher, you are not in the building every day, you’re in the building when you choose to be.”

Ishpeming Public Schools pays $75 per day for substitute teachers, which is an average for the local school districts but doesn’t include extra fees and other expenses.

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