Lakeshore Boulevard erosion damage update


MARQUETTE, Mich. (WJMN) — Lakeshore Boulevard is still closed due to severe weather damage.

A storm that bought high waves this past October has caused significant erosion damage to Lakeshore between Fair Avenue and Pine Street.

The high waves also left debris and rocks along Lakeshore between Wright and Hawley.

City Manager Mike Angeli says the city is taking the necessary steps to get it cleaned up.

” The section of Lakeshore Boulevard between Wright Street and Hawley Street is going to be closed for the winter, for the rest of the winter, and probably through next summer when we start the reconstruction project,” says City Manager Mike Angeli.

A few weeks prior, the city tried to make a barrier hoping that it would block off anymore storm damage, but that did not hold up and they weren’t able to do as much as they wanted in time for this storm.

” I think it’s kinda important that we maintain that shoreline as best we can because of the infrastructure the city has there, the road, we have a stormwater outlet, a stormwater sewer outlet, we have Lake View Arena right in that vicinity, ” continues Angeli.

Angeli says the city is in the process of getting grants to help pay for the damage.

” The city commission has already accepted and approved a match for a grant totaling 5.5 million dollars, which is going to be applied to the section north of Wright Street. We’ve been pre-approved more or less for another grant that’s going to totally about 2.7 million dollars and then we’re in the process of going through another grant application that can be upwards to ten million dollars if approved, ” says Angeli.

Mike ended his conversation with Local 3 by telling us he hopes the public is patient through this entire process and he wants everyone to know the city is doing the best that they can.

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