Lakeshore Boulevard erosion damage


MARQUETTE, Mich. (WJMN) — Debris all around, both the roads and bike path are completely blocked off from Lakeview Arena all the way down Lakeshore Boulevard to Biolife.

People were coming to see what the damage has been and it is pretty severe.

Local 3 spoke with one Marquette resident who said she is tired of seeing Lakeshore boulevard this way each and every winter. She hoped that the city would make some changes, but as you can see the debris and the damage continues to come.

A few weeks prior, the city tried to make a barrier hoping that it would block off anymore storm damage, but that did not hold up and they weren’t able to do as much as they wanted in time for this storm.

It’s unfortunate to see, but hopefully, the city will have a plan in place coming into the next week.

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