IRON COUNTY — After 12 days, countless hours of testimony, and over 100 items of evidence, Kelly Cochran was found guilty yesterday on all counts for the death of 53-year-old Christopher Regan of Iron River.

The 32-year-old woman was convicted of working up and executing a plan with her husband Jason to kill, dismember, and dispose of the remains of Mr. Regan.

“Numerous versions of it have been told of that story, none have been proven,” said Cochran’s Defense Attorney Michael Scholke.

Scholke continued in his closing statement that though Kelly has lied time after time, the amount of scientific evidence was not enough to prove her guilt – and that the jury could only depend on the story of the only eye witness. 

 “We only have Kelly’s word as to what happened to Chris. Kelly is a liar,” Scholke added. “There is no proof that Kelly’s stories, any of them, are anything but fiction.”

Prosecuting Attorney Melissa Powell drove home the infamous murder pact between Kelly and Jason Cochran they had made on their wedding night.

“The defendants in this matter what bonded in blood. Chris Regan was bathed in it, and I’m asking you at this time to wash away the blood, and find the defendant guilty of all counts,” Powell told the jury.

The case was handed to the jury before 1 p.m. – and a little under three hours later, they had reached a verdict.

The jury had found Kelly Cochran guilty on all five charges, starting with Open Murder. Here’s what she was charged with:

  • Open Murder – first degree, aiding and abetting
  • Larceny of a building
  • Conspiracy to commit or help disinter, mutilation, defacement, or carrying away of the human body
  • Failure to notify authorities of a dead body
  • Lying to a police officer in a violent criminal investigation

It was the end of an emotional trial for lead investigating officer Laura Frizzo, as she had been involved since this started as a missing persons case 2 and a half years ago.

“I feel that justice was served today for the family of Chris Regan. And that was our goal, was to bring justice for the family,” Frizzo said. “They were kind of looking for someone to give direction and guidance. And we stayed very close to them throughout this whole investigation, and let them know that they could count on us.”

Kelly will also go to trial in Indiana where she is charged with murder in the death of her husband, Jason Cochran.

Cochran’s sentencing in Iron County will be held on May 10, 2017.