DENMARK, Wis. (WFRV) – The Lakeshore Humane Society said the recent rescue of 500 animals from a Kiel home is quickly depleting its limited resources.

Tina Nichols, the Lakeshore Humane Society Executive Director, said, “When we went to the property it was far larger of an endeavor than we expected.”

These advocates said they are struggling to keep their heads above water but have received help.

“We’re doing the best we can,” said Nichols. “There’s a number of shelters and rescues trying to help us. We’ve had a couple adoption events. We’ve had people come from as far as Michigan.”

There were about 500 animals recovered in total. “We ended up seizing 275 rabbits, 134 quail, and upwards of 70 chickens, ducks, and roosters,” said Nichols.

She said they are thankful a private family donated their property to hold these animals and permanently took in a majority of the rescued birds. Some rabbits had to be placed in foster homes while they get veterinary care.

“At this point, we have not lost any. But we do have some that have injuries and wounds, some infections, some missing an ear,” said Nichols. “So those animals are in foster and being treated.”

Three of the rabbits have made their way to the Upper Peninsula. Hoppily Ever After rabbit rescue in Laurium took in some of those rescued.

Kara Clairmont, President of Hoppily Ever After wrote in a email that one of the rabbits lost its spirit and will to live. To help, the animal rescue took the rabbit to soak up some sun along Lake Superior.

You can learn more about Hoppily Ever After here.

A spokesperson for the Manitowoc County Sherriff’s Office said he could not provide an update on the case because it is still an active investigation.

Amid all of this, there is a resounding response from the community.

Jennifer Albright, the Town of Schleswig 4H Club Leader said, “We donated $100. We had a meeting on Thursday and decided to donate $100 and we might donate some more in the near future. Or we’re going to go over and help them with the feeding and caring of the animals.”

Maya Pagel, a Lakeshore Humane Society Receptionist said, “There have been teary-eye moments whether it’s people sending notes or messages to our Facebook, just the comments in general. I know a lot of us it’s a reminder of why we do what we do especially in these harder moments.”

The Humane Society is looking to adopt out the remaining rabbits and advocates said they are great house pets. You can learn more on the Lakeshore Humane Society website.