Learning all things roller derby with the North Country Bruisers


MARQUETTE COUNTY, Mich. (WJMN) – There’s a group of young athletes in Marquette who aren’t afraid to fight it out on skates, and we’re not talking about hockey.

The North Country Bruisers is a co-ed junior roller derby team. They began in 2013 when the Dead River Roller Derby adult women’s team sparked a large interest in the creation of a junior league.

The team is made up of 7 through 17-year-olds.

Junior roller derby is a contact sport played by two teams that roller skate counter-clockwise around a track.

The North Country Bruisers recently competed in their first sanctioned Junior Roller Derby Association games in Detroit.

“We played level three roller derby. There is three levels in roller derby. The first is no contact, the second is slight contact and the third is full-contact which is all about hitting,” said Coach Glory Sparks. “So we went down there and played some awesome derby. We did lose but we came back with lots of information and now we know how to improve.”

Coach Glory also stated that a lot of kids join roller derby because they haven’t quite figured out what sport suits them.

“Before I only downhill skied, but now I play roller derby and it just makes me feel really happy. I consider everyone on the team my brothers and sisters,” said player Graceful Crash Landing.

The North Country Bruisers’ season runs through the school year. Students from any school around Marquette County are encouraged to join the team. No prior roller derby or skating experience is required.

For more information, you visit their Facebook page.

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