MARQUETTE — Letting your dog off the leash in Marquette could mean you get a visit from police.

Watching your dog run wild can be pure bliss for your them, but a state law means a possible fine if you get caught.

Greg Zyburt, Marquette County Sheriff says, ” The law is like a civil infraction, it’s kinda like a spending ticket with up to a 100 dollar fine.”

When I checked the city ordinances, pet owners must have their dogs on a leash.

Sheriff Greg Zyburt says it’s all about protection.

Zyburt continues, ” It’s for the safety of the animal also, you don’t want them to get hit by cars or eating garage of that kind of thing. So, it’s just the right thing to have them on a leash and keep them at bay with you.”

Your pets are also not allowed on any lifeguarded beaches, Presque Isle Park or Park Cemetery, except for service dogs.

” Having a pet you have to be responsible. There is a lot of people walking around, elderly and if your dog is jumping on them knocking them over, or if it’s vicious, growling, potential of biting, so there is a lot of liability, ” says Zyburt.