Legislation to combat opioid overdoses

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MICHIGAN — Governor Gretchen Whitmer signed House Bills 4367, 4121, and 4296 as well as Senate Bills 200, 282, and 283.

The bill package including SB 200, 282, 283 and HB 4367 will allow most state and municipal entities, including public libraries and public universities, to purchase, possess, and distribute opioid antagonists, and will allow properly trained employees of those entities to administer opioid antagonists.

“This legislation will be useful in combating the public health crisis of opioid overdoses and deaths affecting families across the state,” said Whitmer. “With this bill package Michigan is demonstrating our bipartisan commitment to reducing opioid deaths and abuse here in Michigan.”

Governor Whitmer also signed HB 4121 which will help keep Michigan residents in their homes by giving economically vulnerable residents an alternative to foreclosure while protecting property tax revenue for Michigan communities.

“We have seen firsthand how these avoidance agreements can help counties, residents and the economy,” said Whitmer. “That is why this bill is an important part of protecting Michigan residents and taxpayers.”

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