Local 3 Bracket Challenge returns for March Madness


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MARQUETTE – It’s finally here.

March Madness. And with it, the Local 3 station bracket challenge. While some of us basked in the glory of winning and are looking to do it again, the rest of us are looking for a shot at redemption.

“Well last year I whooped everybody,” said Tony Stagliano, reigning champ. “It takes a lot of strategy, a lot of skill to even be able to get to the Final Four in this office bracket challenge here. But nobody was even close to a match with me, even Calvin.”

Whatever, Tony. I’m not bitter. Anyway, much like the rest of the country, our challengers are pretty excited.

“What’s so exciting is that I know nothing about it,” says Mollie Hollebeke, returning challenger. “I haven’t watched a game all year. I just went for it, didn’t ask anyone for help. Only my second year filling out a bracket, ever in my entire life, so we’ll see how it goes.”

“It’s exciting this time of year to see what’s going on in the NCAA because everybody’s got their favorite,” said Eric Urban, who’s seeking redemption. “Whether we know much about them or not, just watching them play out and then rubbing it in each other’s faces is the best part about it all.”

With bragging rights on the line, you’d think there’s some sort of technique behind it all. Right?

“It’s kind of different because I’m not a basketball person so it was a little difficult choosing a team,” said Rebecca Bartelme, first-time challenger.

Ok, so there isn’t an exact science to choosing winning teams. All that matters is having fun and hoping you’re team moves on.

We’ll check in on our challengers next week. For now, it’s all about luck.

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