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GWINN – This weekend, the Marquette County fairgrounds will be drawing dozens of families and friends together for the annual county fair.

“We’ve been here at these fairgrounds for 27 years,” says Walt Maki, President of the Marquette County Fair Board. “We’ve seen a lot of improvements in 27 years, in the beginning it was very dusty and now it’s just a great, green fairground.”
With attendance running between 12 and 14,000 every year, maintenance is crucial for the grounds. This year rings in a new attraction.
“We have a great grounds crew that has done so much out at this fairground,” said Cindy Johnson, Treasurer for the Marquette County Fair. “Some people might remember 25 years ago that these fairgrounds were just a big sand pit. It is gorgeous out here right now. We have grass growing, we have a brand-new arena that we just put up this year which has been my dream come true for the last 25 years. It’s easily accessible by anyone coming to the fair so we’re just excited to share it with everybody else.”
There are events going on every hour on the hour. From horse shows to auto shows, there’s a little something for everyone.
“It’s a very inexpensive place to bring your family,” said Johnson. “There are so many different types of foods to eat. There is the exotic animals, the birds and all that kind of stuff going on, and then there are the barns. We have the sheep and the goats, the horses and the cows. You know, it’s just a great place to bring your family.”
“Come and give the Marquette County Fair a try if you’ve never been here before,” said Maki. “Come and see what we have to offer, we know there’s a lot of people that have never been to our fair and we really want them to come out and see it.”
The fair runs until Sunday. You can find out more about the Marquette County Fair by heading over to their website.