2nd annual ‘Learning to Lead’ seminar held at NMU

Local News

 MARQUETTE – Today learning wasn’t just for the students at Northern Michigan University.

Today was NMU Continuing Education’s 2nd annual Learning to Lead Seminar. The focus of this year’s presentations was ‘motivation in the work place.’ Attendees heard from a variety of speakers, ranging from craft brewers to a football coach. Stephanie Zadroga-Langlois, the Director of NMU Continuing Education and Workforce Development, says that was done with a purpose.
“Everybody is motivated in very different ways and they’re motivated by different things,” she said. “So we didn’t want to have similar presenters one after another, because probably a handful of people would have walked away and said, ‘Absolutely great, I was motivated.’ And some may not have connected. So by having such a diverse group of presenters we knew (attendees were) going to connect at some point during the day.”
Materials from last year’s seminar are available online. You can view them and learn more about NMU Continuing Education here.

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