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A 20th anniversary and Sawyer's Family Fun Day

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GWINN -- It's a big weekend at the former K.I. Sawyer Air Force Base: a reunion of veterans, the Discover Sawyer Family Fun Day, and a 20th anniversary.

Boreal Aviation has been managing all of the private aircrafts that come through Sawyer for the last 20 years.

Michael McNeil, Director of Operations, Boreal Aviation, says, "Boreal Aviation was founded right here at Sawyer International Airport by four of our retirees from K.I. Sawyer Air Force Base. And we also predominantly employ United States Veterans. We have actually, over 75% of our team is United States Veteran retired."

In celebration of their 20 years at Sawyer, Boreal is playing host this Sunday for Discover Sawyer Family Fun Day.

Mcneil continues, "Sawyer Fun Day, we are going to be participating as a ground support agency. We'll be bringing in the T-38 fighter aircraft from Texas to support the 40th anniversary of the Red Bull Squadron."

There will also be bounce houses, food vendors, plane rides, and the chance to go sky-diving.

Duane Duray, Airport Manager, Sawyer International Airport, says, "This is more or less a day for the people, our local community to come out and see their airport. Come inside the fence."

Duray also wants the community to know that the Family Fun Day is free of charge. Just come and have a great time.

Doors open at 9am on Sunday, August 5th at Boreal Aviation (401 Ave. F, Gwinn)

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