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HARVEY– It was all hands on deck as Local 3 partnered with the U.P. Land Conservancy as part of Nexstar’s Founder’s Day of Caring at the Chocolay Bayou Nature Preserve.

“We are putting some of the final, polishing touches on this nature preserve, which we acquired in 2016 with the help of the community,” said Andrea Denham, Executive Director, U.P. Land Conservancy. “We’ve got just about a half mile of trail here so today we’ve been having this fine group of people out and help us.”

Whether it was weeding out invasive species, building a more accessible path along the trail or painting a bird blind, we all wanted to help preserve the natural beauty of the bayou. 

“Nature is such a big part of the U.P. and such a big part of our culture and our community,” said Tony Stagliano, Station Operations Manager, Local 3. “And we’ve done a lot of volunteering for different organizations throughout the Upper Peninsula, and we felt that it was time to focus on helping to preserve our natural landscape here.”

“A lot of people, especially up here in the U.P. come out here and walk the trails, bike the trails, bring their dogs, but you don’t really think about the effort thay goes behind into upkeeping those things,” said Mollie Hollebeke, Account Executive, Local 3. “You know, it’s one of those things that I feel can be easily overlooked or taken for granted. So, being here today, not only is it great to help out, you know volunteer, but we get to be outside and help keep the trails maintained for all the fine folk up here in the U.P.”