Aspirus Medical Monday: Dr. Wendy Frye, Aspirus’ newest general surgeon


UPPER PENINSULA, Mich. (WJMN) – Aspirus has a new general surgeon, Dr. Wendy Frye. She’s a Marquette native who after some time away, has made her way back to the U.P.

“Really thrilled to be back in the Upper Peninsula and I am a general surgeon at Aspirus so I did my undergrad at Northern, I went to Medical School at Michigan State and then did my residency training in LaCrosse, Wisconsin and then I’ve been in practice since 2003 and then most of my practice has been in Michigan, primarily in Gaylord, Michigan but we just spent the last 2 years out in Vermont, we really loved it out there but when this opportunity came up to come back to the U.P we definitely jumped on it,” said Dr. Frye.

Dr. Frye says she likes what the U.P. has to offer.

“I am an outdoors person so I like to mountain bike and I like to cross country ski but I also really like the people here, they are down to earth, very resourceful, kind so it feels like coming home and it’s nice to be back,” said Dr. Frye.

There are a variety of things Dr. Frye does in her role as a general surgeon.

“I do like breast care, benign or like cancerous breast issues so I can surgically treat breast cancer. I take care of gallbladder issues, stomach issues like ulcers, colon issues like diverticulitis, hernias are a really common problem in the groin or either from a prior incision,” said Dr. Frye. “I do a lot of scopes so upper and lower endoscopy. And then we are the ones who admit people to the hospital like if they come to the hospital with rib fractures, there were quite a few of those this past weekend from skiing and snowmobiling injuries like if you have appendicitis and come in, I’d be the one to take care of that.”

Local 3 asked Dr. Frye what it’s like to work with patients who might be timid to to have surgery.

“People tend to come in fairly anxious and they feel a lot better once you come up with a plan,” said Dr. Frye. “Like I think once people know the steps you have to take and know that something is going to be happening they feel a lot better so even if you are seeing someone for cancer, I try and be as reassuring as I can and then once they know there is a plan of action The unknown is really hard for people.

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