Aspirus Medical Monday: Protecting your skin during the cold and dry months

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UPPER PENINSULA, Mich. (WJMN) – When we think of protecting our skin, it’s more common for it to come to mind on sunny summer days.

Tom Raisanen, MD, a dermatologist with Aspirus says it’s important all times of the year like the dry and cold months we are approaching.

“The most important recommendation would be to moisturize your skin,” said Raisanen. “By moisturizing our skin we preserve the natural barrier of her skin and lessen the tendency to dry out inflamed, irritated, and instead keep a nice smooth, healthy skin that looks good and feels good.”

With so many different products out there, Raisanen recommends moisturizers that are dermatologist approved and don’t have any fragrances with them as those could irritate the skin.

Besides moisturizers, Raisanen has other tips.

“Sometimes dehumidifying the air can be helpful can be helpful if you have a dehumidifier,” said Raisanen. “Other things are for, for bathing. As tempting as it is, don’t take long, hot showers and try to be five minutes or less if you can in just lukewarm water, don’t be scalding your skin in there because that can also be a little bit harsh, especially over time.

There are days when it can still be sunny outside and reflect off the snow, so Raisanen says it’s also important to still wear sunscreen.

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