Baltimore County police tell WSAW they are in contact with the FBI and authorities in Shawano County in connection to a raid of a home in Pikesville, MD. According to WSAW’s website, A department spokesman says they used a warrent to enter a residence of Avraham Cohen on the 3700 block of Michelle Way Wednesday morning, taking one person into custody. Cohen is not believed to be directly involved, but other members of his group may be.There is no word whether anything was confiscated or if anyone was taken into custody in the raid, but police said they were executing a search and siezure warrant.The raid came after a young woman, who’s identity is unknown, was assaulted inside the home. She was taken to the hospital with serious injuries, including internal injuries.Police refused to say the FBI’s role in today’s raid. They confirmed they are in contact with both the FBI and Shawano area authorities. The FBI has an open, active investigation into an apparent hit list in the Shawano area. SIST has been connected to that investigation. Shawano Police Chief Ed Whealon says there has not been any recent local law enforcement action connected to SIST.