Bay College plans a medical expansion


ESCANABA, Mich. (WJMN) — With over 4,000 graduates from their medical department, Bay College has kept up with modern technology and medical teachings, but they plan for further growth.

“We care a lot about the success of our students and we put a lot of programs in place for them so they can be successful, ” said Matthew Barron, Vice President of Academic Affairs, Bay Community College.

In March, the college will present a curriculum for a new medical assistant program to the board of trustees.

Barron anticipates the board will approve, which means students will be able to enroll in the new program in the upcoming fall semester.

“I think employment in the health care field continues to grow as well,” said Barron.

“The need for health care workers, so there’s a lot of people who want to go into a field where they can help people and health care is a perfect fit for them. So, this expansion, I think it’s natural for our institution and it gives students an additional option to go into a field they might love.”

Bay College has continued to have successful Medical programs since its beginning in 1964. In 1966, their first graduates

With around 200 nursing students currently, and many more enrolled in their EMT and Paramedic programs, Barron believes this growth can only benefit current and future students.

“Well, it’s another option for them and right now, students can come in with phlebotomy or certified nursing assistant or they can go to a full-blown RN program and this falls somewhere in between. With our two nursing programs, our entry-level phlebotomy and certified nursing assistant program, this kind of walls right in the middle and so it’s another option for students to, not only do some clinical work in the field but also some administrative work as well,” said Barron.

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