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Beau LaFave taking on the insurance industry

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Michigan has the third-highest auto insurance rates in the country, but efforts to change the state’s “no fault” system have gone no where over the years, but one of the state’s newest and youngest House members is going to give it a try.

Upper Peninsula state representative Beau LaFave tells the Radio Results Network that the place to start is to make reforms that will help insurance companies reduce their risk.

The Iron Mountain Republican says that certain reforms, like that allowing insurance companies to directly negotiate prices with hospitals, should lead to lower premiums for all of us.

“If we lower costs for the insurance companies, that better translate to lower rates to rate-payers,” LaFave told RRN News. “And I’ll tell you, if a couple months, year goes by after we do these reforms, and the rates don’t go down, I’m gonna be one angry representative. I’ll blow the whole no-fault system up. So, they better do what they promise and lower rates.”

By that, the 24-year-old LaFave means that he would introduce legislation that would lead to Michigan drivers not having to have any auto insurance at all.

While Michigan has the third-highest rates in the nation, people living just across the border in Wisconsin are paying the fourth-lowest rates in the country.

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