Students from Bothwell Middle School were treated with a tour of the Staybridge Hotel construction site today. For some, the tour was both fascinating and enlightening.
“Beforehand, I was always interested in it a lot because my whole family has been pretty much involved in a lot of construction and done a lot of projects with construction out in the area of like Escanaba and Gladstone,” said Thomas Rama, an 8th grade Bothwell student. “I saw a lot more than I expected to because I didn’t expect it to be so detailed on the inside, on the interior of the construction site and it is way more complicated than it really looks.”
Construction managers were on-hand to provide information about this project and about construction, in general.
“We thought it was a good opportunity to show them our site,” said Peter Dupuis, Miron Construction Project Manager. “Right now it’s a very busy time for us so we had to be careful, we had to make sure everybody was safe. We had to escort them around certain areas that we couldn’t go into because there was just too much activity today but I think they got a good experience out of it and we’re happy to do it.”
This sort of tour is a rare opportunity for students seeking a career in construction management.
“I didn’t get that opportunity to go to a big site and look around and see all of the activity and how it gets put together,” said Dupuis. “I thought it was a good deal for the kids. I think they enjoyed it and they had a good experience out of it. There’s a lot of opportunity for all these young men and women to join the construction trades and the construction management sector if that’s the way they want to go.”
Construction on the Staybridge Hotel is expected to be complete this September.