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A unique pop-up shop is set up in Marquette to help homeless kids in the community where you can take care of your banking and shop with a purpose.

Patty Kimber is the coordinator of the Button UP Project. She says. “It’s just a home grown effort aimed at providing, whatever school supplies, clothing, a bed, a pillow, prom dress, for homeless students across the Upper Peninsula.”

The Button UP Project, with a current display at at River Valley Bank on Washington Street in Marquette, works through local schools.

“I think the need is significant, each school in the Upper Peninsula has someone designated as a homeless student liaison.  They don’t necessary know who is homeless or who is in need but  they try to be aware of that, and identify the needs,” she says.

Patty says the community has been very generous.

“We work by collecting donations from local crafters and artists, and we try to find a place to sell those items. And, River Valley has gracious hosted us, I think, at least half a dozen times.”

This display will continue through the end of May. Purchases can be made by making a donation to the Button UP Project’s account.

Watch for additional opportunities to shop for Button UP Project items.

Kimber says, “We’ve been displayed at the Winter Outback for three or four years now, and we’ve had other venues that we use to sell our wares.”

And she’s thrilled with the community assistance, “People are just so generous in what they donate. I’ve actually had friends and family – and people that I don’t know –  just go home and make something just to donate it.”

Find out more at /www.facebook.com/ButtonUpProject/

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