Campaign Maintain: Delta County Veteran’s Memorial Park

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GLADSTONE — In March of 2014, Jason Brunette, founded Project Red, White and Blue, an organization dedicated to assisting Delta County area veterans.

Brunette explains why he chose to start the organization, saying, “There are so many veterans that need help and they need it immediately, and there are programs out there but usually it takes a couple of days of paperwork time. So, we wanted to make sure that we could give back immediately.”

One of the organization’s consistent contributions is Campaign-Maintain, a bi-weekly event to upkeep the Delta County Veteran’s Memorial Park in Gladstone. Previously, the park was created and solely maintained by veteran Wayne Berthaume for years.

Berthaume, founder, Delta County Veteran’s Memorial Park, says, “Jason came over and I was kind of shocked, he said ‘Wayne we want to help you’, and I said ‘What?’, and he said ‘Yeah, we want to help you’. It helps because, you know, by yourself it’s hard to take care of.”

Volunteers meet at the park to landscape, pick up trash, paint, lay bricks, and any other necessary projects. Brunette says, they’re doing this for the community.

Brunette adds, “This is still on the basis of no recognition. We just want to get the community together to help.”

Campaign Maintain meets at the Delta County Veteran’s Memorial Park every other Thursday at 6 PM. They will continue to meet through September, weather dependent. 

For information about Project Red, White and Blue and Campaign Maintain, click here.

If you are interested in volunteering you can contact Jason Brunette at (906) 420-3601 or his wife, Heather Brunette, at (906)399-3805.

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