CALUMET, Mich. (WJMN) – Calumet’s Pasty Fest is one of the copper country’s most popular events drawing hundreds of pasty lovers from across the country.

Downtown Calumet was a delight for the senses Friday, as the 19th annual Pasty fest took place along 5th street.  There were vendors of all kinds, from pasty-inspired jewelry, and clothing, to live music and even a classic car show. But the culinary star of the day was the traditional Cornish pasty. Jonathan Bates, the winner of the pasty eating contest, for the second year in a row, devoured 3 and a half pasties in 5 minutes, his strategy Is quite simple.

“This event is the camaraderie at the table,” said Bates, “I mean we’re all up there laughing and having a having a good time and, you know, just joking around. Stuff like, ‘did anybody bring a napkin?’ You know that kind of thing, ‘who’s got the ketchup’ and ‘it’s right in front of us on the table,’ but once the timer starts it’s all business after that, and everybody wants to win but for the contest, no ketchup, it’s a waste of time. You got to have rutabaga, gotta have rutabaga. Come hungry and eat fast.”

The overall best pasty, 3 years running was awarded to Slim’s Cafe and Bakery in Mohawk.