MARQUETTE, Mich. (WJMN) – The Festival of Sail got underway Friday at Mattson’s Lower Harbor Park. The three-day festival presented by Travel Marquette includes three historic ships from around the world, as well as the world’s largest rubber duck standing 61′ high, called “Mama Duck”.

The first of the three ships is the Nao Trinidad, a reconstruction of explorer Ferdinand Magellan’s flagship from the 16th Century. The US Brig Niagara is a reconstruction of a schooner from the War of 1812. The Pride of Baltimore II is a reconstruction of a Baltimore Schooner Topsail Clipper used in the 19th century.

While the duck and ships are free to admire from the waterfront, attendees can also opt to buy tickets to tour the ships. You can purchase tickets online or at the festival.

“Lake Superior has got a lot of history. And maritime history is a pretty big deal for Marquette,” Michael Bradford, Events Marketing Manager for Travel Marquette. “I mean, just down the road we have the Maritime Museum, and so this event, a lot of it is educational on, you know, the boats, their history and where they’ve been. And this is the first time we’ve seen this in years, and we won’t see this event again for a little bit. So this is an opportunity nobody would really want to miss.”

The festival runs from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. The event also includes a selection of vendors, live music, and activities for kids.

If you’re interested in attending, this will likely be the last chance for some time, as Travel Marquette says the event likely won’t return until 2025.

You can learn more about the festival, including options to buy tickets, on the Festival of Sail website.