GWINN, Mich. (WJMN) – Forsyth Township is facing issues with vandalism at the Peter Nordeen Park. The culprits are believed to be teenagers or children, the victim is the park’s bathroom.

“We had a couple of instances of minor vandalism that were a little bit alarming they could stand a danger to the children who perpetrated them or to others.” Forsyth Township Supervisor Joe Boogren said.

While there are a few solutions the township can take. Their first line of defense was to ask parents to step in and talk to their children.

“We’re cautiously optimistic that making parents aware that there is a situation will have the desired result.’ Boogren said.

If that solution doesn’t work, other avenues will be explored.

“In the unfortunate circumstance where it kept coming, we would have to decide whether or not we would put in some kind of requirement for unaccompanied minors would be accompanied.”
Boogren said.

The township wants people to know the goal is not to hammer or shame children, the goal is to stop the vandalism. “I just want to make those kids understand that that park is theirs, it’s for their use and we want to see them down there, it just makes them feel good about their town,” Boogren said.

While many options will be explored the Township wants to make it clear it is not considering putting cameras in the bathroom.