Canal View Houghton County earns “best nursing home” rating

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HANCOCK, Mich., (WJMN) – Canal View – Houghton County was recognized as a high performer in both short and long term care by U.S. News and World Report.

Canal View provides 24-hours extended care and has 197-beds. They employ 320 employees that provide care to residents. Long-term care performance and short-term care performance are rated on some of the same and some different categories. Categories and ratings are described on U.S. News’ website.

Ratings are evaluated with data from the federal Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. Data points include nurse staffing, adherence to preventative care and resident safety and minimizing the use of anti-anxiety or hypnotic medications.

Canal View earned the highest rating for both long and short term care. Kimberly Salmi, administrator for canal view, says they’ve made a lot of changes in the past few years that have contributed to the rating.

“Everything from the remodel which took place a couple years ago to other progress that we’ve made in changing our electronic medical records to changes in management to just the way that we do day to day business,” said Salmi. “Everything that we’ve put into place has been towards having a better product and the end of the day and the better product being quality of care.”

According to Salmi, one factor is keeping morale up in their staff. She says adequate wages, work environment and their nursing school loan repayment program.

“I say it all the time, if our staff is happy then our residents are going to be happy,” said Salmi. “I can’t have happy residents that are well taken care of if I don’t have a happy staff, and we’re not going to be happy every single day of the week but we should feel appreciated you know and I hope that our staff knows that I’m proud of the work that they do every day and I think our community is as well.”

Canal view has a speech therapist, physical therapy and works to help residents regain independence. Salmi says they do well at helping residents be rehabilitated after surgeries or injuries.

“I think we’re very exceptional at getting people back to their prior level of living whether it’s at home or assisted living or even at a higher level of functioning at the nursing home,” said Salmi. “I’d like to say we do short term rehab extremely well here but I think we do day to day care well as you know as well.”

Ruth Maki, a guardian for one resident, says the care Canal View has provided to her sister has been exceptional. She says they always have time to answer questions when she calls.

“They’re really patient and she reports to me that she feels well cared for,” said Maki.

Maki says her sister had a knee replacement and several surgeries that they have provided physical therapy for. Maki says the therapy department is wonderful.

“She had a lot of obstacles to overcome and the therapy department is the highlight of her day,” said Maki. “They’re positive and cheerful and even when she’s in pain she’s just motivated to work.”

Salmi says they have more goals for their facility going forward. This includes expanding some of their private rooms, adding more CNA training partnerships and offering daycare to staff members.

“I would love to have a daycare center on site for our staff you know you talk about morale I think that would go a long way, that’s more of a long term plan, I think expanding some of our private rooms as well would be beneficial,” said Salmi. “But a lot of it right now honestly is getting us safely to the other side of COVID, that’s my goal for 2020 and 2021 so far we’re handling it pretty well and all I can do is hope and pray that we continue on that path.”

Maki says they also have a helpful COVID-19 website where families can see website and that they have fun activities for the residents. To learn more about Canal View you can visit their website.

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