LARIUM, Mich. (WJMN) – A non-profit rabbit rescue in the Copper Country is helping rehab five rabbits taken from a suspected hoarding situation in Wisconsin. Hoppily-Ever-After which is located in Laurium opened its doors less than a year ago. Already over capacity, they say there is a great need to help these animals find a home.

“This is Johnny Lightning and he comes from the hoarding situation in Kiel which is near Denmark, Wisconsin,” Kara Clairmont, President of Hoppily-Ever-After said. “He is one of the, I don’t want to say lifeless bunnies but he has lost his spark. He’s getting it back slowly, as yesterday he was eating and drinking. Now he’s sitting here with me today. We spend a little time together every day.”

Roughly 500 animals were taken last week from a location in Kiel, Wisconsin, which is south of Green Bay. The folks from Hoppily-Ever-After drove nearly five hours to pick up five of the animals.

“They are to be a part of your family as they do have feelings,” Clairmont said. “As you can see, Johnny is still recovering from his situation where he was neglected, abandoned, and did not receive any human touch whatsoever. He is significantly underweight, so he wasn’t fed. The conditions in the cages they were kept were horrendous. They are the worse I’ve ever seen.”

To help Johnny get his spark back, Clairmont has been helping him live his best life.

Clairmont said Johnny has been relaxing on the trampoline. He’s not jumping, more using it as a hammock.

Donations can be made to Hoppily-Ever-After in person or through numerous online options. They say their greatest need right now is for bedding, food, and hay. They also have dozens of rabbits and other small animals available for adoption as well.

To donate online, click here.