HANCOCK, Mich. (WJMN) – After Finlandia University announced that they will be closing their doors after this semester, students have been looking for what to do next.

The University held a Teach-Out and Transfer Fair to help their students make the right decision on where to go next.

“It’s really great,” said Finlandia University student, Valerie Helminen. “I actually met a lot of schools that I didn’t know were options for me. They had great opportunities to transfer in a bunch of credits that I didn’t know I could. So, that was awesome. I’m glad that they decided to do this event. We were a little lost when they first said that the school is going to close but this gave me some answers. I’m glad I came.”

Over 25 colleges and universities attended the fair to give information to the students and to provide them with answers. We asked a few schools what they could offer the students.

“Everything!” said Emily Hoffmiller, the Director of Admissions, Bay College. “So, Bay has a lot of different options for kind of any time of their life. So, whether they are going to a four year and they move back in the summer and want to take online classes. If they’re looking to complete a 4 year degree through Bay, through LSSU it’s a great option. If they’re ever thinking about finishing their 4 year and coming back and studying something different, really Bay just has something for everybody.”

“The students that attend NMU can get access to a great community with a lot of like minded students,” said Lucas Abromowitz, the Senior Associate Director of Admissions for Transfer Recruitment at Northern Michigan University. “Find their fit. The environment is great at NMU too. So, if their interested in participating in outdoor activities, they want to get involved on campus clubs and organizations, there’s sort of something for everyone that they can do at NMU.”

Finlandia University held this event to make sure their students know their options and feel supported.

“It’s just extremely important because we don’t want, we didn’t want to just let students be on their own and try and go through this and have to navigate this themselves,” said Anthony Schwass the Dean of Enrollment at Finlandia. “We wanted to make sure that we were doing this in the right way and offering as much support as possible.”

If you are interested in finding out more about the colleges and universities partnered with Finlandia University, you can find them on FINNU’s website here.

There will be an employee career fair on Tuesday, March 20th from 1-7pm in the Paavo Nurmi Center Gymnasium for Finlandia University employees and graduating seniors. For more information on that fair, you can find it on their website here.