HOUGHTON, Mich., (WJMN) – Friday, October 16 the Houghton High School class of 2013 presented sideline capes with Dyson Bastian’s name and football jersey number to his family.

Dyson passed away in July 2019 after being struck by a vehicle. Brooke Bastian, his younger sister, says that it’s an honor to know he made an impact.

“To know that his name is going to be on these capes with his number for the next fifty years hopefully it impacts the generations to come up and when they ask who’s Dyson Bastian number 77 someone will be able to tell the story and the kids will be able to be as great of a person as he was and it just means the world to me and my family to know that he makes an impact from here on out,” said Bastian.

One of Dyson’s close friends and a fellow 2013 graduate, Kristina Storm, says he was always there, always helping, always loving and always giving.

“He was the exemplary best friend and human being,” said Storm. “He used to ‘escort’ me when I was going out on the town because he just wanted to make sure I was safe.”

She says it’s hard to pick one favored memory because he was the start of all the memories.

“He once messaged our friend group and a ton of others saying he got a great deal on sombrero, I think it was 150, he was heading back to the yoop from North Dakota to throw a raging party,” said Storm. “And that was his spirit, he loved life and he loved people. He always loved having his friends around and making the most of every moment”

Rachel Collaer, a former classmate, says Dyson brought people together and was a leading force in cheering on other teams at the school.

“He would also know just when to start singing ‘Sweet Caroline’ and the rest of us would follow in singing,” said Collaer. “In those moments you could really feel how he brought not only our class but our whole school together.”

The class of 2013 fundraised to provide sideline capes to the Houghton High School football team in memory of Dyson. Collaer says their graduating class decided in order to honor Dyson’s memory that they would meet a need at Houghton High School.

“Knowing Dyson’s passion for athletics and particularly football I reached out to the athletic department John Sanregret and then secretary Deb Lindblom and they were fantastic with their help and we were able to determine the need at the school being sideline capes,” said Collaer.

Money was raised for the sideline capes through gofundme. Collaer says the class started sharing it on social media to achieve their goal.

“The response from the community was incredible and we reached our goal really quickly,” said Collaer. “I think it really shows the impact that Dyson had not only at our high school but also within the community.”

The presentation took place at 6:50 before the football game. There was a memorial handout with photos from his life and his parents were presented the capes.

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