Parade of Nations Scavenger Hunt in Houghton and Hancock starts next week

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Courtesy: Michigan Tech

HOUGHTON, Mich. (WJMN) – Clues for the Parade of Nations Scavenger Hunt will be placed this weekend.

Hunt teams can now sign up for the event and will get their first clue on September 7. Teams will look for clues to a particular country or cultural heritage. The clues use creativity and education for participants to learn about different cultures or organizations within our community. The clues can be a picture, riddle, hint about the location or anything that leads to but does not give away the actual location. They may be placed anywhere in safe walking, biking or traveling distance throughout Houghton, Hancock or surrounding areas.

QR codes will be taped to the outside of clear plastic boxes so that Hunt Teams can scan them without touching or opening the box. Prizes to the three teams with the quickest completion time for correct answers will be presented on the day of the Parade. First place will receive $300, second will receive $200 and third will receive $100.

Go to to see detailed rules and instructions. 

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