Competitive eating is really growing in popularity, and no it’s not fighting over the last slice of pizza. It’s seeing how fast you can move food from the plate to your stomach. We caught up to competitive eater Nathan Klein today at the Miner’s Café in Laurium. His challenge…devouring a five-pound breakfast omelet in under 7 minutes. This gargantuan meal, known as the Ultimate Omelet, contains 7 eggs, a pound and a half of meat, a pound of cheese, some veggies, and four slices of toast. Klein says he’s always looking for the next food challenge as the variety of food challenges keeps growing.

“Anytime I see one that has a new food form, I’ve done cookie food challenges, done ice cream, burritos, hotdogs, pretty much anything you can think of there is one,” said Klein.

Please join us Monday at 6 for a more in-depth look at eating as a sport. And to see if Nathan can break the record for the Ultimate Omelet Challenge.