Courage Incorporated – Shannon’s story part two

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HANCOCK– After researching for some sort of support for people with an amputee disability like hers, Shannon Perkins found Courage Incorporated.

The organization takes people with physical disabilities out on outdoor trips and shows them how to do things even with their disability.

“The overall goal is to get them active in the outdoors,” said Erik Conradson, Co-Founder, Courage Incorporated. “Help them build feelings of accomplishment and self-confidence.”

Shannon went on a trip with the group a couple of weeks ago.

“They basically asked what you wanted to do and then helped you to do exactly just that, just what you wanted to do,” said Perkins. “If I just wanted to sit around and be in the tent, I could have done that too. But they got me out fishing. Onto a hike up to an old silver mine, out on the boat.”

Since Shannon’s adventure with Courage Incorporated, she says she’s been more active and going outside doing exactly what she loves.

“Well I’ve already gotten to go out a couple of times camping and just out in the woods,” said Perkins. “And I think that’s something that I might not have done as much before. A lot of times before when we’d go out in the woods or camping trip, I’m not the kind of person that likes to ask for help. I don’t want to slow anybody down on the hike. And so now I think that I’m a little more confident about getting out and trying new things. I’ve gone fishing a couple more times which is really cool. I think it made me a little bit more active and a little less afraid of just giving things a try and seeing how things work. That’s all you can do when you’re life changes like that.”

“Since our adventure, she’s already sent us numerous messages telling me how much it’s changed her.,” said Conradson. “But I know that it’s not just kind of fluff talk because she’s already been out two or three times since over the last week. She’s already been out on her own adventures and so to hear that has been really just satisfying to know.”

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