UPPER PENINSULA, Mich. (WJMN) — Around the Upper Peninsula, markets are offering curb-side pick-up due to COVID-19’s social distancing recommendations to keep customers and employees safe.

In Marquette, pick-up orders are offered, including at Econo Foods, Target, Walmart, Super One Foods, Great Lakes Fresh Market, The Marquette Co-Op, and Gordon Food Service.

Depending on the day, the order may take 30 minutes to even 2 hours to being filled.

Super One Foods does not advertise their curb-side pick-up, but due to the pandemic, said they are willing to help out those who are in need of assistance.

On more of a locally owned note, The Marquette Co-Op does offer curb-side pick-up, but due to limited staff, they have a 4 hour wait time.

Walmart locations still do curb-side pick-up availability, but they receive so many orders, customers have to place their orders for a day or two in advance. Walmart staff recommends you call in rather then use their app.

Target offers curb-side pickup with 2 hour wait, but you’ll have to get your own produce.

In Escanaba, Elmer’s County Market uses an online service called Rosie with pickup available four hours after you complete your order.

Pat’s Foods’ across the Upper Peninsula have immediate curb-side grocery pick-up available, so by the time you arrive, your order will have already been picked.

Gordon Food Services‘ ask to call in when you arrive and then they will pick your order fresh.

If you find yourself unemployed a few of these stores are putting people back to work and others are still looking to hire, including Target, Walmart, Super One Foods, Pat’s Foods, and at Econo Foods.

We weren’t able to get in contact with every grocery store in the Upper Peninsula, so if we missed your’s, let us know, we will call to find out, and then we will add it right to this page.