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Customer service top priority for Iron River auto repair shop

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IRON RIVER, MI - The holiday season always seems to bring out the generous spirit, but one business in Iron County goes out of its way all year round to take care of its customers.
Who ever heard of old-fashioned customer service in a world that seems to be "take a number and have a seat?" It may seem like a thing of the past, but putting the customer first is exactly what Northland Service Garage in Iron River is about.
"We try, as much as we can, not to have somebody sitting in the showroom for hours," said Chris Nordang, co-owner of Northland Service Garage. "I mean, we give them rides home, we'll take them out to their camps, we'll give them a loaner car to use. I know how it is sitting in a waiting room, it gets pretty boring. We do whatever we can."
"We don't do it all the time, but locally we'll give people rides to work or home so they don't have to sit here all day or we'll give them a free loaner car," said Alex Atanasoff, Vice President and co-owner of Northland Service Garage.
Northland Service Garage isn't your typical car garage. The auto repair shop has some other services available to its customers as well. The repair shop prides itself on its customers so much, they even went as far as Colorado for one customer.
"She's a ski patrol out in Vail, Colorado," said Nordang. "She was on her way out, hit a deer and disabled her car. She had to get to Colorado for work. So we repaired the vehicle and we actually delivered it out to Vail, to the customer. She was really in a bind. That's just kind of the things we do."
And they've even done some other trips a little more closer to home.
"It was an amazing experience and I just wanted those guys to know that that kind of service, in this day and age, you don't see anymore," said Dave McNamee, customer. "I was really happy."
"It's always a really great feeling when you're able to help somebody out who is in a bad situation, they don't know what to do or stranded," said Atanasoff. "It always gives me a great amount of pleasure to be able to be that person that can rescue them or just help them out in some way."


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