Cybersecurity roundtable discussion


MARQUETTE — The Innovate Marquette SmartZone hosted a cybersecurity roundtable to continue the discussion of the growing technology industry.

Community leaders, educators, and members from local government met today at the Marquette Township Community Center, to discuss a new economy for Marquette and the Upper Peninsula. 

The Innovate Marquette SmartZone is looking to expand the tech economy with a focus on cybersecurity. 

This tech roundtable was set up to get the community’s opinions and thoughts on their future plans. 

The  Innovate Marquette SmartZone believes cybersecurity is the future and hopes to get more students into this field. 

Rachel Bara, a Program Manager at Innovative Marquette Smart Zone says,”we’ve got a great resource with Northern Michigan University and a couple other universities, and colleges in the U.P. that have programs and opportunities for students to be studying these fields. We’re really trying to find a way for them to stay here after they graduate and have jobs and have lives with a great work-life balance.”

Another topic discussed at the meeting was the potential steps Marquette can take to support the growth of a new technology economy, and how people, schools, and employers can join together to make this happen.

Keith Glendon, lead strategist and business developer for IBM security service says,”I think it means a terrific opportunity for the growth of another sector that can balance our economy, give kids jobs, give adults jobs, bring Yoopers back to the Upper Peninsula and bring investments to the U.P. that can help balance out our economic portfolio.”

There are a lot of future plans for cybersecurity, including a curriculum and training program coming this fall that will reach  21 districts in the U.P.

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