Dig’s Gastropub opens pop-up food bank to help feed families


MARQUETTE, Mich. (WJMN) — A Marquette restaurant is doing its part in helping local families during these uncertain times with the Coronavirus.

Dig’s Gastropub has opened its own pop-up food bank.

“We as Dig’s truly feel that taking care of our community is the number one goal,” said William Digneit, Co-Owner, Dig’s Gastropub.

Local businesses, city officials, and members of the public have been dropping off anything that may help.

Members of the public are recommended to drop off any food or household essentials for their neighbors.

“Be it through our foodservice or having a great time dancing on our dance floor or having kind of a higher responsibility of making sure that our neighbors and our fellow people living in Marquette County have something to eat on their table. That’s really important, that’s why we are here at the end of the day. We just really want to take care of our community and they take care of us. They come into our establishment all the time, so if this is something we can do for them, we just want to be here for everybody,” said Digneit.

Those in need, can stop by during business hours and bring home anything they could use.

Dig’s will hold their food bank until the end of March unless the Coronavirus continues to spread.

“There are a lot of people being affected by COVID-19 and it is affecting a lot of our industry friends, there might be people getting tight on hours, people may be our event staff losing their jobs, or being laid off for the time being, and we just want to be here as a personal and business who cares about our community. We really want to take care of our community by having some food options. We know that it sometimes hard with getting through the bills, especially with schools, daycares being closed, and how you are going to handle that,” said Digneit.

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