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The old drive-in movie theater along US-2 in Manistique has been closed for 15 years. But it will be open again tomorrow night when the Schoolcraft County Economic Development Corporation hosts a showing of the movie “Miracle”. That’s the movie that highlights the gold medal winning 1980 USA Hockey Team.
E-D-C Director Alan Barr tells the Radio Results Network that they first held a “movie night” at the old drive-in back in July, and the response was overwhelming.
“We had a great turnout the first time,” he said. “We had 343 cars from at least eleven U.P. communities besides our own, and somewhere over 1200 people. Great event. The people loved it. We’re doing it to give something back to the community, something for families to do, in particular. There’s so many families where the children have never been to a drive-in. They’ve never had the experience.”
Barr is a Manistique native, and he remembers the good ol’ days.
“I remember walking down the street to see movies back then,” Barr told RRN News. “We would take our dates to the show.”
It first opened in the 1950’s and was the last Upper Peninsula drive-in to close its gates in 2002. Barr says the the drive-in’s screen is in good shape, and they’ve fixed up the concession building to make it usable.
“If we were doing this more than just for the one-night deals, we’d have to give it a little more TLC,” he said. “But for what we’re doing, it works just fine.”
Barr says that by hosting events like this, there may be someone interested in buying the old drive-in and re-opening it as a business.
“There’s a lot more interest,” he said. “I’d love to see it open again.”
For one night anyway, the gates will be open again: at 7:00 Saturday. There is no admission charge. The Manistique Hockey Association will be running the concession stand as a fundraiser.