BIG BAY, Mich. (WJMN) – Powell Township residents were invited to attend a status update meeting with representatives from Eagle Mine Tuesday evening.

Twice a year Eagle Mine hosts community forums to create an opportunity for the operators of the mine, Lundeen Mining Company, to update the community and receive feedback. Tuesday’s community forum in Big Bay highlighted the ongoing nickel mining operation as well as a report on safety-related incidents, environmental compliance, ore production, transportation of materials, and a thorough explanation behind the extension of the life expectancy of the mine. Although initial plans were to cease mining operations in 2021, the discovery of additional Nickel deposits in the area will allow the mine to operate the newly opened Eagle East mine until 2027. Eagle Mine is holding two additional forums in communities directly affected by their mining operations in Michigamme and Humboldt townships tomorrow.  External Affairs Manager, Matthew Johnson says Eagle Mine’s dedication to being a good corporate neighbor led to these meetings with the community.

“At all the sites we’ll talk about the entire story of what’s happening both at the mine site what’s happening with transportation and what’s happening at the mill site we’ll also get into the general economic conditions of nickel what’s happening in the world and of course, people being declared a critical mineral for electronic vehicles to make batteries extension or the life of mine is completely dependent on horror how much more do we have to extract what’s the cost to extract the work and what is our prediction of the price of nickel,” said Johnson.


Another topic discussed tonight, is Eagle Mine’s need for workers. They currently have plenty of career opportunities available. For more information, please visit Eagle Mines’ website at